Pediatric Services offered by Dr. Shahid

ADHD Assessment & Treatment 
Developmental Pediatric Services 
Neonatal & Preterm Care 
All Types of Pediatrics Consults
Constipation Assessment & Evaluation 
Childhood Growth / Development 
Developmental Evaluations 
Behaviors Assessment & Counselling 
Immunization Counselling 
School & Learning Difficulties 
Nutrition & Healthy Eating Counselling 
School Problems & Counselling 
Autism Assessment & Evaluations 
Adolescent Medicine 
Health Education & Disease Prevention 
Pediatric Asthma Evaluation & Treatment 
Pediatric Endocrine Assessment & Management

Dr. Shaneela Shahid - MD, FRCPC, FAAP, MSc
Children's Medical Clinic

Our main priority is to provide excellent service so that parents can be 100% sure their kids are safe and well taken care of
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